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You’re a Permission Powerhouse!

Decision-Making and Drive

Your Permission Personality

The Permission Powerhouse

You give yourself permission all day long!

You give yourself permission because that’s just who you are. You’re the kind of person who listens to yourself and who isn’t afraid of other people’s opinions. You don’t get derailed by what people think you should do who they think you’re supposed to be.

You don’t really care what other people expect; you’re going to do what’s right for you. But… you might struggle with follow-through, because you really don’t want to be told what to do—not even by yourself.

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Oh Hello

Permission Powerhouse!

Real quick, before we get to your Permission Superpower: hi! I’m Melissa Camara Wilkins. I’m an author, speaker, and mom of six in Southern California, and I made this quiz for you!

My new book is called Permission Granted: Be Who You Were Made to Be And Let Go of The Rest, and I think it you’re going to love it. (I might be biased.)

You can pick up a copy right now or learn more here!

Your Permission Superpower

You feel best when you’re doing your own thing: spontaneous, free, and not tied down by anyone’s expectations, not even your own.

Your best strategy is to remember that you choose this for yourself. This is the kind of person you are—you’re a person who gives yourself permission when you need it. Variety helps, too, so give yourself permission to keep trying new things—as long as they’re all true to who you really are.

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