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Permission with Purpose

Your Permission Personality

The Permission Idealist

You live your life on purpose, and you give yourself permission for all kinds of things—to speak your truth, to go against the grain, to be who you really are—as long as they’re aligned with your deeper why.

You meet your own expectations, and care more about that than about disappointing other people. It’s not hard for you to do what’s right—once you’ve decided what that is. It’s the deciding that’s tricky.

There will always be more to learn, more to research, more to think about, more to investigate—but at some point, it’s okay to choose to do the next right thing, even if you don’t know where the journey will ultimately take you.

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Permission Idealist!

Real quick, before we get to your Permission Superpower: hi! I’m Melissa Camara Wilkins. I’m an author, speaker, and mom of six in Southern California, and I made this quiz for you!

My new book is called Permission Granted: Be Who You Were Made to Be And Let Go of The Rest, and I think it you’re going to love it. (I might be biased.)

You can pick up a copy right now or learn more here!

Your Permission Superpower

You feel best when your inner life is in alignment with your outer reality, when your purpose lines up with your actions.

Your best strategy for giving yourself permission is to Keep your WHY in mind as you move forward. When you know why you’re doing this, you’ll stay the course.

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