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Find the Real You.

Ready to get back in touch with your best self? Join the Find Yourself mini-course, free.

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  • Yes, I made myself two cups of tea because I could not choose just one flavor. Yes, at the same time. Yes, I drank them both. ... I could say that EITHER decision fatigue set in before 10:00am OR this is my version of taking a slice of every kind of pie—but honestly it’s more of a both/and situation. #happythanksgiving
  • Okay, guys. As we head into holiday madness I MEAN JOY, this is your friendly reminder to LISTEN TO WHAT YOU NEED. . 
You need to change things up? It’ll be fine. You need to take a minute? All good. You need to give up on that side dish? Cool. You need to say “no thank you”? Okay. You need to set a boundary? High five. You need to let go of what you thought would happen? Yes, please do. You need an extra cup of tea to go with your photobombing offspring? I mean. Obviously. . 
You are allowed to need stuff, even on holidays. Having needs is not selfish, having needs makes you a person. Look at us, being persons together! Here we go! Listening to ourselves, even when everything else is so noisy! Okay, back to it. xo!
  • Any day you find a gold dinosaur in your mailbox is a good day. 💌 (P.S. Is there really no dinosaur emoji? How can this be?) Thanks for the fun surprise, @thetiffanyhan! #ryhsyinnercircle
  • Welcome to Monday.
  • I got so lucky in the "friends who will drive an hour to drink coffee & talk about writing and confidence and becoming a fully flourishing human being" department.
Plus @gracepcho taught @heathercaliri and I how to use the Starbucks app, so basically my life is now complete. 😄
  • Me: wow, there are a LOT of paper scraps on the floor here.

Her: yeah, that was me.

You guys. This is how we know the kids are going to be all right. She is totally picking up on our family values! We practice truth telling, and we practice cleaning up somewhat LESS than we practice the truth telling. (Okay, way less. All the less. Details.) 😂