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  • #ontheblog: the how + why of inviting more YES into your life, even when the days are full of NO. (Try it, it kind of changes everything.)
  • Yes: houseplants I haven’t killed yet. Red tea (even if it IS eighty degrees out). Running to the store for cinnamon but forgetting DINNER. 🤦‍♀️ #daysofyes
  • Yes: spicy avocado hummus. Blackberry-stained fingers. Making friends with the weather. #daysofyes
  • Hey friends! I’m looking for a right-hand (wo)man to help me keep this writing-speaking-and-online-everything ship sailing. Know someone who would be perfect? (MAYBE YOU?)
I’m looking for someone to help a couple of hours a week with behind-the-scenes work who’s also excited about planning, dreaming, and strategizing.
You don’t necessarily need to have a ton of experience to be the super-awesome-best-for person for this, you just need to be excited to help me get good stuff out into the world and be willing to learn the rest. (If you DO have experience with blogging tools or social media administration or graphic design, that is ALSO awesome.)
Have questions? Suggestions? Ideas for me? Email me at melissa@ xo!
  • Yes to a disco ball delivered by mail. .
(Yes it was accidentally delivered to my neighbor’s house instead of mine. Yes the ensuing text convo was exactly as awkward as you are imagining. 😂) #daysofyes
  • Yes to naming what you need. Yes to asking the question without wondering if you’re already supposed to know the answer. Yes to rewriting the rules. #daysofyes
P.S. - It doesn’t say WHICH day, so I feel like this should really be reusable forever.