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Oh Hey, Remember YOU?

You know—the you underneath all those expectations, the you behind the mask? Let’s find THAT you again. Join the free Find Yourself mini-course, and let’s get started.

Oh Hey, Remember YOU?

The underneath-it-all, true you? Let’s find THAT you again. Join the Find Yourself mini-course, free.

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  • Yes: Drizzly May mornings. The color of possibility. Closing the door and pretending there’s nothing but this on the to-do list. #daysofyes
  • Yes to the accidental halo. 😂 #daysofyes
  • Yes: Homemade chocolate-almond butter. Running back to Trader Joe’s for more red tea. Bare feet for the whole rest of the day. #daysofyes
  • Yes: Word searches with Meema. Afternoon sun. Remembering to drink the tea while it’s still warm. #daysofyes
  • Yes to flowers that do not apologize for taking up space, for being wildly and wholly as they are. Yes to remembering to do the same. (Also? Yes to the photobombing octopus.) #daysofyes
  • Yes to late-night hot chocolate. Yes to 7:00pm = “late-night.” 😂 #daysofyes