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Permission Granted

Give yourself permission to be who you really are

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I used to have a charming personal mantra that went like this: I am the worst. It was like an affirmation, except the opposite.

As far as I could tell, everyone else was pretty much okay and I was kind of a mess, so everyone else was better and I was the worst.

But what if you are the way you are for a damn good reason? What if being kind of a mess is just part of being human? And what if you gave yourself permission to be all of who you are?

This is a story about making life simpler by letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be and becoming who you really are.

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What People Are Saying

This book is a beautiful reminder that one of the most powerful gifts we can give to our families and to the world is to show up for our own lives and be who we really are.

Megan Tamte

Co-CEO & Co-Founder of EVEREVE

This is the permission slip you need to stop trying to live someone else’s version of your life and step into the truth of who you are. Melissa reminds us that we’re all both/and: imperfect and valuable, brave and scared, a mess and still worthy of love just as we are—and that the both/and is all okay. You’re allowed to show up in every area of your life and be who you really are.

Jessica Honegger

Author of Imperfect Courage and Founder and Co-CEO Noonday Collection

For those who feel defeated, downtrodden, or just plain tired—Melissa Camara Wilkins’ gentle, grace-filled encouragement may be exactly what you need to hear.

Anne Bogel

Author, creator of the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy, and host of the podcast What Should I Read Next?

This is a book for anyone who struggles with feeling like she has to measure up, get it all together, and constantly improve herself. In sharing her story, Melissa reminds us all that you don’t have to fix yourself before you’re worthy of love and belonging.

Allison Fallon

Bestselling author and founder of Find Your Voice

I hadn’t even finished the first chapter of Permission Granted before I found myself crying tears of relief. Melissa’s vulnerable tone is a rare gift in our picture-perfect ‘grammable’ world, and her stories and subsequent permission slips offer women a simple, audacious possibility to consider: perhaps we already are who we’ve been frantically trying to become.

Jamie C. Martin

Author of Introverted Mom and editor of

I didn’t know how much I needed Permission Granted until I started reading Melissa Camara Wilkins’ words. Not only did she give me permission to enter into the messy moments of life and tune myself to the present, but with generous doses of grace and humor alike, she reminded me to love, let myself be love, and let myself receive love. And really, I don’t think there’s a better gift an author can give a reader.

Cara Meredith

Author of The Color of Life: A Journey Toward Love and Racial Justice

This book will have you asking yourself hard questions and will give you courage to really listen for the answers. Melissa has written us all a permission slip to discover who we really are, so we can be our whole selves in our real lives.

Daneen Akers

Author of Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints

Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa

Melissa Camara Wilkins is an award-winning blogger, author, speaker, mom of six, and host of an online community that explores what it means to live more truly awake, more truly alive, and more truly yourself.

She has given thousands of people permission to be who they really are through live events, online courses, books, and workshops.

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