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  • Welcome to Monday.
  • I got so lucky in the "friends who will drive an hour to drink coffee & talk about writing and confidence and becoming a fully flourishing human being" department.
Plus @gracepcho taught @heathercaliri and I how to use the Starbucks app, so basically my life is now complete. 😄
  • Me: wow, there are a LOT of paper scraps on the floor here.

Her: yeah, that was me.

You guys. This is how we know the kids are going to be all right. She is totally picking up on our family values! We practice truth telling, and we practice cleaning up somewhat LESS than we practice the truth telling. (Okay, way less. All the less. Details.) 😂
  • I am having one of those days where I keep noticing my eyes are DOWN. My eyes are on the news or on my phone or on whatever new and interesting mess is right in front of me, needing to be addressed Right This Minute. ▫️
And I mean, yes, there is a place for all of that, but when my eyes are down too long I get anxious. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to LOOK UP and LOOK OUT. ▫️ We're going to remember that this day is important, but this day is also just one scene in a much longer story. We're going to look to the horizon, to where we want to go, to where we believe we're headed. ▫️ And we're going to take one tiny baby step in that direction. ▫️ Eyes on the horizon, friends. Eyes on the horizon. (And yes, you're right, now I should really set down the phone. Good idea. I'm on it.)
  • My I'm-still-planning-to-read-these-this-summer stack has shrunk down to just this. 😳 #summerstooshort #bookwormproblems
  • When you realize your husband has been trying to get a picture of you... for the entire time that you've been taking pictures of the kids. 😂 Paying attention is so hard, you guys. So hard.