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  • When the shadow side comes into view... ▫️
The universe is just so cool, you guys. 
That is all I have to say about that. ▫️ #eclipse #eclipse2017
  • Monday keeps showing up whether I'm ready or not. (I'm not. I'm always not.) ▫️ Apparently I am not in charge of the calendar, even though I would be really good at that. We would have so many Fridays and Saturdays. Some Sundays, some Thursdays. Monday and Wednesday would be, like, once a month situations. (Tuesday is still under consideration.) ▫️ But okay fine, Monday. We've got this. The longer the to-do list, the deeper the breaths. One foot in front of the other, and here we go. (And yes, it took me half the afternoon to post this. Because MONDAY.)
  • Okay, friends. It's Sunday, and Sunday is LOVE DAY. Sunday is when we refuel for the week ahead. It's when we make space to remember who we are (you are LOVE and you are LOVED) and where we're headed (the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward JUSTICE). ▫️ So what does love do in the face of weekends like this? What does love do in the face of hate? Love, dear ones, does not keep silent. Love feels the fear and shows up anyway. Love holds on. ▫️
Love does not ignore pain, and does not inflict pain. Love admits wrongs. Love binds up wounds. Love mourns. Love heals. ▫️ Love says: black lives matter. Love says: OF COURSE. Love does not, cannot, and never will condone racism. It's not in love's DNA. ▫️ Sunday, friends. It's here. You are love and you bring love with you wherever you go this week. Not a small, self-serving imitation of love, but the real thing. It looks like service, it looks like inclusion, it looks like liberation for all. LOVE YOU.
  • Squeeee! The new site is live! I have so much YAY about this, I can't even tell you. Come seeeeeeeee! 
I hope you feel like we're hanging out over a cup of tea every time you visit.  Also, it is surprisingly difficult to take a photo of a computer screen. 
There's a link in my profile (of course...) or go right to melissacamarawilkins.com. Did I mention YAY??!
  • You know what you need. Nobody else can answer this one for you. Not your partner or your sister or your best friend or that person you don't actually know but you talk to on Facebook. But that's okay because you already know what you need. You just have to tell yourself the truth, and you have to get quiet enough to listen.
Right now, I need a glass of water and a magical pocket of quiet so I can read my book. I might also need a personal stylist, and maybe someone to teach me to use eyeliner properly? But mostly the glass of water.
  • Sundays are for reclaiming the narrative.  _ 
The hero(ine)'s journey: you leave home, you face the demons. Learn to tell yourself a new story. Learn to live into your new identity as a warrior, as a lover, as a healer, as a holder of space, as a person who listens well and holds on. Go back to your tribe--maybe not the same people, but the ones who are now where you were then--and show them the way out, and the way home.  _ 
#sojourngrace #sojosunday #progressivechristianity #progressivechurch