weekend links

soccer balls

They remind me of a bunch of balloons. It’s like our backyard is celebrating something.

Okay, so it’s Monday. They’re still really good links. And I have had sick kids for two solid weeks now, which I think means it’s okay to pretend Monday is part of the weekend.

Friday night I tucked the children all into bed and thought: Hooray! Everyone’s finally healthy! And then around midnight Eli, who is two, THREW UP IN MY BED. This is not my idea of a great Friday night, people.

Saturday night brought us an(other) ear infection and fresh fever, and Sunday we just stayed home and did not tempt the bacteria of the world, who clearly have some kind of vendetta against us. And now it’s Monday.

To Read:

10 Multipurpose ingredients for a homemade household. Now I think I need to order beeswax.
Favorite picture books with brown children. We have Rain School on hold at the library right now!
5 Steps for teaching your kids entrepreneurship. I read this post with my older kids, who would like to make EVERYTHING into a business.
And if you’ve ever lived abroad with your kids, please go promise Heather that doing so will not scar her children for life, won’t you?

Favorite Pins:

This cannot possibly be as easy as it looks, can it? It would be a very “wow” snack trick.
I can’t decide if I want to make these WITH the kids, or FOR the kids.
On my list of things to do with worn-out tee shirts. (It’s a long list.)