Summer Camp at Home: Take a Class Week

Summer Camp at Home: take a class online week!

If we pretend that summer is made up of June, July, and August, guess what? We’re right smack-dab in the middle.

And the middle seems like an excellent time to break from our summer routine for a little book-learning. Or computer-screen-learning, as the case may be.

There are online classes for just about everything under the sun. This might not be a great method for learning tractor-driving, say, or chocolate-making (I feel like that one would benefit from live tasting), but for most things, it’s a great option.

Owen, for example, wants to learn to play chess.

Abigail and Audrey are both excited about this vegetarian kids’ cooking class.

And Sadie is considering this craft class, where we’d learn to make pom-poms out of coffee filters. This clothespin doll making class would be a crowd-pleaser around here, too.

Summer Camp at Home: take a class online week!

We’ve taken classes from Playful Learning Ecademy before, and I think this Be a Peacemaker one might be in our future.

The older kids are eyeing this app programming class, maybe for the fall? (I found that one via Design Mom, who has even more online class suggestions.)

So that’s what we’re up to this week. A little quieter, a little less active, but just right for a few days together in the middle of the summer.

I have more happy mail to show you from last week, too! Between nursing baby Evelyn and snuggling baby Evelyn, the days get away from me. I’m clearly very busy. I’ll keep posting those for you this week — I can’t wait to show you what else we’ve mailed.

Summer Camp at Home: take a class online week!

More summer fun

We’re doing camp at home all summer, with a new topic each week. We hope our suggestions inspire you, too!

There’s been backyard camping and blueberry picking (and eating) and storytelling. We’ve been red-white-and-blue and as American as apple pie. And we spent last week sending fun mail into the world.

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