something to do: build a cardboard race track

DIY backyard racetrack
This project is probably best undertaken by 8- to 12-year-olds. Here’s how to:

1. Ask your mom if you can build a race track in the backyard.

2. Your mom will ask you for schematics. Your mom always asks for schematics. Draw schematics.

3. Your mom will ask for a list of materials. Your mom always asks for a list of materials. Write up a list of materials.

Cardboard racetrack + feet


4. Just before bedtime, say, “Hey, Dad? Can we plan a trip to Home Depot? I made a list. It has two things. I need 46 cardboard boxes and some duct tape.”

5. Go to Home Depot. Your parents will somehow have the mistaken idea that you wanted to create a cardboard box tunnel track. Disabuse them of this foolish notion. Let Dad talk you into half as many cardboard boxes.

6. Cut cardboard boxes in half, leaving flat sheets of cardboard. Lay these in a track shape around your backyard.

7. Duct tape boxes together. Use fancier duct tape to mark the starting line.

the finish line

The finish line, made possible by duct tape.

8. Run races around the track. Your mother will be convinced the cardboard is going to slide all over the place, resulting in slips and falls, but that never happens, not even once.

9. Remove track before the sprinklers come on. Really, trust us on this one.

cardboard race track


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