Patriotic polka-dot popsicles

Patriotic polka-dot popsicles

We eat a lot of popsicles

Confession time: When popsicle recipes call for ice cream, I substitute with yogurt about 99% of the time. Maybe even slightly more often than that.

It’s not (only) that I’m the mean mom, it’s that popsicles for breakfast are awesome. If they’re made of ice cream, they’re not really a suitable breakfast food. Or lunch food. Or anything-but-dessert food. See what I mean?

Yogurt just has a little more range than ice cream.

Still, these are made with ice cream.

Not just with ice cream. Of ice cream.

These are made almost entirely of ice cream. They’re ice cream, frozen into popsicle shapes.

And they’re yummy, too.

Patriotic polka-dot popsicles


Vanilla ice cream (ours is made with coconut milk)

Patriotic polka-dot popsicles

What to do

Let your ice cream soften, but not melt into a puddle. Scoop a bit of ice cream into each of your popsicle molds, then drop a berry or two on top. Add more ice cream, then more berry.

Keep alternating scoops and berries until your popsicle molds are full.

Pop the sticks in and freeze.

Patriotic polka-dot popsicles

Less mess

To make patriotic drip-catchers, start with patterned cupcake liners. Fold those in half, cut a slit or small X in the center, then push the popsicle stick through the hole.

And then get snacking before it all melts! That ice cream isn’t going to eat itself, you know.

Patriotic polka-dot popsicles


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