fairies: this way, please

You know how it is, when you’ve had a long day, and the children seem more tired than usual all evening, and then when they finally fall asleep you look around and think: why yes, my house IS drowning in dishes-laundry-toys-unanswered email-etcetera, but… ah, well! all that can wait until tomorrow morning, when I shall be rested and rejuvenated! Off to bed with me, now!

Except then you are woken in the night repeatedly, because it turns out the children were tired-seeming because they were planning to be awake and sick to their little stomachs all night long.

Somehow, even on a night like that, the cleaning fairies do not manage to come and restore order to my household. Possibly I need to start leaving a window open or something.


  1. says

    idk…I’ve left windows open, doors unlocked while I’m at work, food out for them to nibble on….I’m beginning to believe those little fairies don’t really exist!

  2. says

    The best part is, once you’ve finally gotten all the kiddies well, and you think “NOW, I’ll clean up the messy house/work extra hours at work to catch up”, then you get whatever illness the kiddies had and the state of collapse starts all over again.

    • Melissa Camara Wilkins says

      Sadly, I begin to suspect that “catching up” is as likely as the fairy thing. In my imagination… :)

  3. says

    Maybe the cleaning fairies are like leprechauns, you have to catch the wee folks to get their pot of gold (or amazing services). Hmmm. I could start cleaning my glorious mess or maybe I should just start hunting for their hideout.

    • Melissa Camara Wilkins says

      I would definitely choose hunting. So much more creative than cleaning, don’t you think?