Is home birth safe?

Is home birth safe? Yes. The end. Except, okay, it’s not the end, because every time an article about home birth runs on a parenting website, do you know what the comments say? They say things like, “Well, that’s nice for you, but I would never put my baby at risk just so I could […]

Choosing a midwife

Planning a home birth

The whole second trimester really is kind of nice, especially if you don’t think too much about the still being nauseated part. I’m not stretched or uncomfortable yet. I can still sleep on my back (though that’s about to end, sigh). Sometimes I see my midwife every four weeks, and sometimes we schedule for every […]

Model choices

We subscribe to a bunch of kids’ magazines around here. A couple of kids’ literary magazines, a couple of science magazines, a history magazine. This and that. A regular influx of new ideas to read and ponder = good, I think. One of the kids’ science magazines just arrived. This month’s theme: Growing Up. Much […]

Birth research and resources

When we were talking about birth last week, Anjali pointed out that information on home birth just wasn’t readily available eight to ten years ago, the way it is now. She’s right, absolutely—and that got me thinking about what led me toward home birth in the first place. I think it was a combination of […]

Birth philosophy

The thing about making unusual choices is, people like to question those choices. Often in a tone best described as mildly accusatory. You know what I’m talking about. You’re doing what? Why would you do that? So I’m sort of thrilled that home birth is more mainstream now than it was ten years ago, when […]