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Purposeful reads. #write31days

31 Days of living on purpose

A few purposeful reads for your weekend.

“He keeps taking this same soul earth, turning it over and over again, making something from what feels like nothing.”
Emily Freeman at (in)courage, When It Feels Like Creation is Over. Believing, on purpose, when clouds descend.

“Successful people are adamant about saying ‘no’ to things that do not align with their mission.”
Becoming Minimalist, On Mission. Having purpose means saying no, so we can say yes. YES!

Parenting with purpose.
I want to take my kids to a museum to try these out, via the Playful Learning blog.

P.S. – New this week:

– It’s not just about what you do, it’s also about how you respond.

– Know what you value, and know what you believe.

– Creating a legacy and making an impact has to start somewhere.

– Making connections between little things and big ones.

31 days of living on purpose.This post is part of a #write31days series about living on purpose.

More about that here, or read all the posts in the series here.

Do small things with purpose.

Small things matter.May you see the connection between the small things and the big things.

As you make plans and promises, as you choose your words and your ways, may you see how even the smallest of differences can matter.

When the big things seem impossible: may you see one small step you can take.

When the tasks in front of you seem unimportant: may you catch a glimpse of what they will add up to.

When your efforts go unnoticed, when your work is unseen, when your days are unheralded: may you remember that you are creating a legacy of faithful, small choices, for the people closest to you.

Our small things might pile up like stones, building a mountain of solid change. But even if we never see those small things grow, they are worth doing.

Small things done with purpose matter.

Small things offer us a place to experiment, without big consequences: We can practice acting with purpose, in the small things. We can practice making difficult choices, in small ways. We can nudge ourselves toward living our values, one small step at a time.

Small things done with purpose can be a big deal.

May you have small things to do today.


31 days of living on purpose.This post is part of a #write31days series about living on purpose.

More about that here, or read all the posts in the series here.

Small things matter. #write31days

Small things matter.Ev is the smallest person in our household, by a lot.

She’s one year old, and not even half the size of Eli, who is four. She cannot reach the fruit bowl or the handle of the fridge or, to her ongoing frustration, the box of kleenex. Climbing onto the seat of a kitchen chair requires grappling hooks and rappelling gear.

She is a small person. And yet her influence on our family is, perhaps, outsized.

There are times of day when we do not leave the house, at her preference. (We call that “naptime,” and no, I will not mess with that kind of magic.)

We have had to learn a second language, because her ASL has outpaced us all, and she signs things we cannot guess without an online dictionary.

She can get any one of us stop what we’re doing in an instant, should she drag over her blanket and ask to be held and snuggled.

Even a little person can make a big impression.

Small things can be bigger than we realize.

Small things accumulate. Little moments add up to long stretches, days become years, and what started as almost nothing becomes the very thing our lives are made of.

Small things gain in significance. We look back, our perspective shifts, and we see that the impact of even the smallest things can become something quite different than what it seemed at the time.

Small things matter.

Being intentional with the small things, doing the small things on purpose, matters.

One tiny choice made on purpose doesn’t seem like much, but a thousand tiny choices together will matter. A habit of purposeful choices will matter. The legacy of purposeful choices will matter.

What would today look like, if we were purposeful in every small interaction, every small word spoken, every small choice? What could we start, today? What could it become, tomorrow?

Evelyn will be a child, and then an adult. She is headed for bigger things. But even that starts now, starts small.

Your work may seem insignificant today: one email sent, one blog post written, one lunch prepared, one conflict resolved, one call placed, one sale made. But tomorrow is coming.

Or maybe it’s not even about the work, maybe it’s about the learning or the habit or the relationships.

Small beginnings can lead many places.

I forget, and I remember.

Be small, with purpose.


31 days of living on purpose.This post is part of a #write31days series about living on purpose.

More about that here, or read all the posts in the series here.

Keep rewriting the rules. #write31days

Rewrite the rules.

This month, we are rewriting the rules. The rules that someone else wrote in the first place. The ones that aren’t “helping” so much as they are “getting in the way.” You know the ones.

The rule that says we need to be all things to all people.

The one that says we need to Do All The Things.

The one that tells us to filter out our blemishes, virtual or otherwise.

The rule that says questions must have tidy answers.

The rule that says we always have to be right.

The one that says that when bad things happen, you’re just stuck.

Sometimes we might even have to flaunt the rule that says Blog Every Day. You never know.

In the meantime: write your own rules this week. What rules are you rethinking?


31 days of living on purpose.This post is part of a #write31days series about living on purpose.

More about that here, or read all the posts in the series here.