The fastest way to get un-stuck

the yet rule

At our house, we have a rule about the word “yet,” and the rule is: we use it. This is not a complicated rule. I guess we could call it The Yet Rule, or maybe we should go with The Yeti Rule, because Yetis are more interesting than Yets. The name is not really the […]

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When your life art is messy


Painting by Ry Beloin. Owen and Audrey and Sadie have been making paper airplanes. Not just a few—dozens and dozens. Squadrons. Enough paper airplanes to reach from here to, say, Mars, which may be the point, I don’t know. They hide behind the couches and launch the things at each other in a mad flurry, […]

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What to choose today

Choose your own direction.

Cows are really weird animals, and I’m not even talking about the whole having-six-stomachs thing. My kids are into nature shows, and half the fun of watching a nature show is telling your mom every single thing you learned over the course of that nature show. Sometimes the telling takes longer than the actual watching, […]

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How to be seen


I really like tools that make me feel successful, tools like soap. I use soap right every time. There aren’t a lot of tools that fall in that category, but I like them all: tissues and socks and those long candle-lighting thingies. My favorite, though, is probably my Enough List. It’s not exactly a to-do […]

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Two questions for focusing on your purpose


First thing every morning, my kids ask the same question. What are we doing today? Technically they might first ask, what’s for breakfast? But after that, it’s straight on to what are we doing today, or maybe the more adventurous what’s going to happen today? I usually answer by asking what their goals are for […]

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